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Careers and Employment

No matter your post-military goals, VA can help you market your skills, kick-start your career, and do more of what you do best.

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VA Employment Resources

VA offers benefits and services to help Veterans transition from service to civilian jobs and enhance their education, skills, and careers. Resources that you may want to explore include:

  • Do you have a service-connected disability that makes finding employment challenging? You may be eligible for additional benefits for tuition, books, fees, supplies, monthly subsistence payments, and more through VA’s Veteran Readiness and Employment program .
  • Are you interested in earning a degree, going to technical school, or enhancing your skills? Check out the GI Bill and other education and training
  • Are you looking for a private-sector or federal job? Search nearly 3 million jobs at the Jobs Bank, and narrow your search by rank, salary, and other factors.
  • Are you considering career opportunities in VA health care? Search VA Careers for a variety of career options filtered by category and state.
  • Interested in applying to a federal job? Check out the Veteran Employment Services Office or USA Jobs for employment and training resources on launching a civilian career.


Some benefits may also be used by active service members, reservists, and National Guard members as well as eligible spouses, children, and survivors of Veterans and service members. Consult the VA benefits booklet or visit the nearest VA regional office for character of discharge requirements and more detailed information.

Page last updated on June 28, 2022


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